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Published Books :
Shirf Aag Baki Hai (Hindi Poetry), Sacch Ka sangram Harega Nahin (Translation Punjabi Poetry), Dunkel Prastav (Documents), Hasyayoga Vigyan (80 Hasyayoga exercises- vidhi aur prabhav), Thahake Bhagai Rog (Cure by Hasyayoga), Urja Ke Panch Strot aur Hasyayoga, Thahake Lagayen sugar Bhagayen, Thahake Lagayen dama mitayen, CD “Hans De India”
Tanav Kaise Door Karen (In press), Therory of Stress Management & Laughter Therapy (Under Publication), Hasyayoga Vigyan (English version in press),

Hasyayoga Jiten Kohi is the Founder President of Laughter Club HASYAYOGA KENDRA and Chairman of INSTITUTE OF LAUGHTER YOGA INDIA, having rich experience of conducting Hasyayoga session for various groups of people. Recently in First International Hasyayoga Sadhna Convention held at Rishikesh, he has been elected as Chairman of “International Hasya Yoga Kendra co-ordination committee”.

He has started numbers of new Hasyayoga Kendra at various places continuously all over India. He had also taken a campaign to teach Hasyayoga exercises among school children & Teachers. He had successfully conducted Hasyayoga sessions in more then 100 schools of Delhi during assembly time where hundreds of students, teachers participated. He had also conducted Hasyayoga sessions for MBA-LLB scholars at Kurukshetra University & Yoga Sadhak of Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidhyalaya Haridwar. He has taken various sessions for teachers to teach them about Stress Management & Laughter Therapy in various reputed schools. Thousands of people has been benefited by participating in his Hasyayoga Shivirs all over India organized for group of Social activists, Social Organisations, Citizen Clubs, welfare Societies meets, Senior citizen Societies, Business Houses, Foreigners etc. He has conducted a Hasyayoga sessions for 35000 peoples at Dhule, Maharashtra on 25th Jan, 2009.

He has also been given this laughter therapy to the enmities of Tihar Jail of Delhi. He has conducted Hasyayoga session with army personals (DRDO). He is also giving this therapy for developing inner energy, vital force & positive attitude to the cancer/depression patients in Hospitals & through some NGOs.

His Hasyayoga session “Hans De India” was being telecast every Sunday at Sadhna TV for more then a year. His live interview cum question hour programme was telecast on Sadhna TV for three months regularly. His exclusive studio/live interviews were telecast on Delhi Aaj Tak, Aaj Tak, Star News, Total TV, MH-I, Sadhna TV and AIR- Vigyan Patrika. NHK Japan Broadcasting Television has made a small documentary on him “India: Laugh away Stress” which has been telecast on Japan TV in Japanese and English languages. His interview has been telecast by almost most of the news channels. His articles on Hasyayoga regularly publishing in Navbharat Times (leading News Paper in Hindi), Sanskaram, Vaidhraj Patrika, Arogya, Hasyam (Aahha Zindgi) etc. His interview has been published in most of the national news paper of India and abroad. Various journalists from New Zeeland, Australia, South Africa, France, USA, UK and Sweden etc. A Short video on Laughter Club is available at, Free State Production, Singapore adds his interview in their documentary visit India. Watch Hasyayoga video of his work made by A American Media person tube LINK: .

He had developed a new concept of HASYAYOGA exercises for total health after a deep research and work among the people. He has conducted 2-3 days Hasyayoga Shivirs at various places. Thousands of people are attending these Shivirs. His video CD of Hasyayoga exercises “HANS DE INDIA” released in oct, 2008. His many books are published on Hasyayoga.
“Hasyayoga Vigyan”,
“Thahake Bhagai Rog, par kitne thahake roj”,
“Urja Ke Panch Strot aur Hasyayoga”,
“Thahake Lagayen Sugar Bhagayen”,
“Thahake Lagayen Dama Mitayen”,

Under Publication
“Thahake Lagayen Motapa Ghatayen”,
“Thahake Lagayen BP/Tension Hatayen”
“Laugh away stress” Science of Laughter Yoga (In English) In October, 2009
Laugh and be healthy” CD in English (Hasyayoga exercises) In October 2009
He is also working on a book, “Theory of Stress Management & Laughter Therapy”. His one book “Tanav kaise door Karen” is in press.
He is creating new Hasyayoga Teachers, Instructors, Leaders, Therapist to spread the message of Hasyayoga all over the world. He developed a scientific, rational, systematic study course for Hasyayoga teachers. People from India and abroad are coming for training in his INSTITUTE OF LAUGHTER YOGA INDIA. His vision is “Laughing India – Healthy India”, “World peace through laugh”.



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