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A Public Program on stress busting Hasyayoga exercises conducted by Hasyayoga Guru Jiten Kohi for total health of mind, body and soul. During sessions Guruji along with Shikshaks (Teachers of Hasyayoga) not only do Hasyayoga exercises but also explain in details the benefits of each Hasyasana (Pran pradhan Hasyasana, Sharir pradhana Hasyasana and Bhav pradhana Hasyasana).

200 to 2000 people of any age group may participate in these Shivirs to take the advantage of Hasyayoga (Laughter Yoga).

(Two to three days Shivir – 2 or 2.30 hours daily morning or/and evening session like 5.30 am – 7.30 am and 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm)


A special indoor Hasyayoga Dhyan (Laughter Meditation) session. Various meditation techniques such as:

  1. Vihangam Hasyadhyan A special meditation technique in Hasyayoga at three sopan first degree, middle degree, upper degree.
  2. Hasyamritpandhyan A unique meditation kriya of Hasyayoga which gives taste of self generated amrit (The water of life in Hindu mythology) in your body at three sopan first degree, middle degree, upper degree.

(1 to 2 hour session)


Celebration exercises to generate feeling of brotherhood, laugh & love and for self actualization.

  1. Hasyanirtyotswa Free dance & laugh together with inner music.
  2. Swarotsawa     Come in side the circle with chanting a-e-u & laugh together.
  3. Kamlotsawa    Make two circles. Join hands. Laugh & hands up in the air two circles people one by one, like lotus flower.
  4. Pushpotsawa Rain of flowers, free dance & laugh all together forget everything.
  5. Deepotsawa    Lighten Deepak with pure cow ghee one by another, off the lights and sing a song “jyot se jyot jagate chalo…..” etc.

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