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New Biology of Stress. Breakthrough discovery of Laughter therapy. Phenomenology of humor and laughter. Stress control, boosting the immune system, cardiovascular benefits, pain relief, improving relationship and laughing your way to health and happiness. During the course you will learn the skills of various stimulated laughter yoga exercises along with power of laughter meditation. Health benefits of laughter therapy – Physical, Mental, Social and professional as well.
This Hasyayoga Workshop discusses the theory and practice of Hasyayoga.

The main objectives of Workshop are:

  • Describe the theory and practice of Hasyayoga (Laughter Yoga) in detailed with practical training.
  • Principles of Hasyayoga (Laughter Yoga).
  • Describe the phenomenology, methodology and neurobiology of stress and laughter.
  • State the benefits of laughter.
  • Explain how to facilitate and organize laughter yoga workshop for community.
  • How to conduct Hasyayoga sessions.
  • The inner spirit of laughter. Hasya-Dhyan and Maun Jup (Eternal blessing of Hasyayoga).
  • The Role of anchor person.
  • Breathing technique of pranayam.
  • Humor management & activities.

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