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Workshop for Health & Happiness for Corporate

Laughter Yoga, which originated from the holy soul of India, needs no introduction. Hasyayoga Kendra specializes in techniques that can do wonders for all - especially recommended for corporate executives leading hectic schedules, as well as persons aspiring to improve their over-all effectiveness and quality of life - both in official and personal interactions.

Laughter yoga with its therapeutic approach and simple techniques practiced daily for 20-30 minutes could help the employees to deal with complex situations effectively.

Integrated Laughter Yoga Therapy Program
The root cause of lack of co-ordination & team work spirit is dissatisfaction, stress & tension. There is no limit of wealth satisfaction. Mental peace, satisfaction & happiness can only be enhancing by changing of attitude. The positive attitude and a cordial environment regenerate people to work in constructive spirit, the spirit of laughter. Laughter Yoga Therapy Program enhances bottom line initiating increased service and productivity and conflict management. It also helps initiate stress relief and activates your own therapeutic process. We provide need based and customized orientations laughter yoga therapy techniques.

This course is specially designed to optimize the work culture and lifestyle orientation of officers and executives. This leads to a much filling and lasting experience as it seep into not just in the session but it reflects at home to integrate lifestyle thus bringing in the ability and focus.

Participants are taught how to manage stress, generate positive attitude, enhance clarity and creative thinking, build physical fitness and endurance, cultivate leadership and teamwork and increase overall effectiveness at work. Instead of feeling tiredness, laziness or boredom, the laughter yoga therapy program gives a feeling of freshness & goodness to the participants. It’s like recharging of your mobile battery for the day.

This leads to increased productivity and an environment fostering compassion, responsibility and healthy judgment. This not only develops overall personality but also strengthen confidence of positive attitude.

The Laughter Yoga Therapy Program is a comprehensive healthcare session focusing on the use of laughter yoga as a therapeutic tool, which can be applied in a wide variety of health conditions to reduce stress.
A complete package of exercises for mind, body and soul.

First impressions are everything and especially in business, it could make or break the potential outcome of any business dealings. If you're in sales especially, you need to have that healthy upright posture and the confident walk and glow that just can't be faked.

Laughter Yoga is the perfect exercise for someone who is serious about themselves and is serious about there livelihood. It may only require a little investment of time to improve one's self. However the rewards could be huge.

With better mental clarity, decision-making comes with ease, stress levels are lowered and mental and physical stability improves. How much time and money have been lost by "professionals" who have just has let they slip over time.

Corporate Laughter Yoga
In the never-ending world of business competition and the most for one's rupees, why should any company consider adopting laughter yoga into there company policy?

Why... laughter yoga at work place…….

  • Healthier Staff
  • Generate Positive attitude
  • Team Building & better co-ordination
  • Great in overall personality development – adds confidence
  • Employees learn to reduce stress  
  • Increased Creativity and Productivity
  • Improved staff morale and enjoyment
  • Mental peace & work satisfaction

Laughter Yoga is now welcoming all over the world as a unique natural technique to come out from stress and tiring schedules and is moving towards the number one choice for fitness. Smart corporations are identifying this and are more conscious towards their staff and are trusting laughter
yoga as a toll for improving productivity.

"Laughter Yoga is the simplest way of meditation; it reaches you no mind situation. Power and magic of laughter is endless. Begin it now. Without inner happiness & peace, it is impossible to have world peace."


Routine Refresher Laughter Yoga Session: [10 Minutes per Day]
Take a few minutes for yourself & laughter for your mind, body & soul. These provide freshness, energy, reduce work stress, mental clarity and focus better than caffeine or other stimulants. If companies have no spare time to do exercises then you can join the 10 minutes Refresher laughter yoga session and do only some simple laughter exercises of spine lumber portion, neck, cervical, sodalities, stress, shoulders, elbow wrist fingers, legs sit on the chair and standing

Extended Weekday Refresher: [20 Minutes Per Day]
De-stress yourself with this short course of laughter exercises while seated or standing. This short capsule of laughter yoga techniques reduces stress associated with the prolonged sitting posture, hunched over computer/files. If companies want to do session in there spare time then you can join the weekend program. It gives an all round info on yogic techniques and help in day to day life, and how to keep better posture.

Rejuvenation Laughter Yoga Exercises: [40 Minutes per Day]
Restore energy back into your workday with this short class of laughter yoga exercises which emphasizes on revitalizing your shoulders, spine, pelvic region and the central nervous system. Release tension and stress through laughter exercises (Hasya Pranayam) and deepen into a meditative state. If companies have some spare time to do laughter yoga then you can join the 40 minutes laughter yoga session for complete relaxation, regenerate yourself, reduce stress with simple techniques of laughter yoga.

Laughter Yoga Workshop: [1- 1 ½ Hrs for two-three days]
We provide this 60 - 90 minutes workshop for two-three days with teaching of laughter yoga exercise and change of attitude. If companies want to go in for a learning program where they will try to learn and do it on there own. This program will give written material as well as practical experience.

Weekend program (leisure, pleasure program)
If companies want to do laughter yoga session in there spare time or holidays then you can join the weekend program. It gives an all round info on laughter yoga techniques and help in day to day life, and how to co-op with stress in fast pace of life.

Rest assured, after attending this workshop, you will experience revitalization with a desire to follow laughter yoga practices life - long.

Eliminates stress and refreshes mind, body & soul.
1) 10 minutes Refresher laughter yoga Session (special techniques)
2) 20 minutes Weekdays laughter yoga Session (details techniques)
3) 40 minutes Rejuvenation laughter yoga (complete program)
4) Two-three days laughter yoga workshop for one and a half hour daily (learning program)
5) Weekend laughter session (leisure, pleasure program)

We at Laughter Club Hasyayoga Kendra (Associated with Institute of Laughter Yoga India), have been offering laughter yoga and Naturopathy work shops to many corporate, defense services, embassies, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Social Clubs, Old Age homes, Citizen forums etc. for more the 1o years.


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