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  Jiten Kohi : Laughter sessions for children to fight stress U Tube
3 min 1 sec - 1 Jun 2008
Video: Laughter sessions
DPS Greater Noida more then 4000 students practicing Hasyayoga with JITEN KOHI (See video)
  Laughter yoga by Jiten kohi
1 min 29 sec - 3 Jun 2009 Video By Aaj Tak TV News Channel
Laughter Yoga with Jiten Kohi at Rajouri Garden Park, New Delhi (see video)
  Text Box:

Laughter Yoga | New Delhi | Video Tour. Information on laughter ...1 18 Jan 2007Video by Singapore Free State Production Filmmaker Basit Jamal
Watch Video by Singapore feestate Production
18 Jan 2007 jiten kohi. Laughter Yoga is the simplest way of meditation, it reaches you a no mind situation, and relex your body, mind & soul

  Text Box:  Video By GLOBO TV Brazil
Jiten kohi Laughter Yoga session
16/01/09 - 23h45 - Atualizado em 28/01/09 - 08h19
Indianos praticam terapia das gargalhadas
Técnica cura doenças e equilibra o organismo. Para o guru Jiten Kohi, o segredo é rir sem motivo.,,MUL959888-16619,00-INDIANOS+PRATICAM+TERAPIA+DAS+GARGALHADAS.html
  Laughter Yoga Laughter Yoga video by Ashok Goel 42,
A American Film Maker 14 march, 2009 at U tube 3 m 44 sec. Watch also clips of 35000 people doing laughter Yoga together, A Landmark in the History of laughter Yoga
Hasyayoga Guru Jiten Kohi talking about benefits of Hasyayoga

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