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Don’t you think we have forgotten to laugh? To get everything in a short span has made our life hard, tense & full of stress. Increasing sense of insecurity and loneliness has brought us to this stage. Right from the childhood we have been listening, “Laughter is the best medicine” but as we grow the laughter is fading out from our life. The small things that may cause us laugh are not even creating a smile, what an irony! How unlucky we are that we are scared to laugh - such a valuable thing of the universe available free of cost. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I laugh because I do not want to cry.” Let’s bring our inherent laughter to the fore before ever increasing tension, depression, irritation, anxiety envelop us in the shape of cry.


Jokes can not make you laugh everyday. For one, you need a fresh joke everyday & for the other, one should have a sense of humor too. But the million-dollar question is how to laugh or who will make us laugh? LAUGHTER CLUB, Yes you can regenerate, recharge yourself with laughing by joining the Laughter Club in a park/place nearby your home.


When you cry you will be alone, but when you laugh everybody laughs with you. When you laugh in a group, it spreads dynamically. Laugh is highly communicable. Children are laughing for no reason, why? Because they do not have any inhibitions. We can also laugh for no reason if we tried a little bit, is it difficult? Let’s make our heart & soul as sweet & soft as a child. And we have to create a group of such like-minded people. We can laugh in a Laughter Club on a mobile phone bill, which gives us so much tension.
A healthy person should laugh on an average at least 15 to 20 minutes daily. It increases oxygen intake in our body. When we laugh full heartily the muscles, which do not participate in laughing are inactive & take rest. You can not think anything while laughing. Because you can do only one thing at a time, either laugh or think. After laughing the muscles which participate in laughing get inactive and others get activated. When you repeat this process again & again your mind muscles get relaxed thus breaks the stress. Laughter is a stress breaker. If you have a good laugh in a day, you will have a good sleep in night. Simultaneously, due to decrease in tension-generated hormones & increasing oxygen intake in our body, our blood circulation gets smooth & it flows freely. When the heart gets blood supply regularly its capacity as well as efficiency increases. Scientists believe that the main cause of most of the diseases is STRESS.


No, our body does not know the difference between a false and a real laugh. Laugh is laugh. Neuro Linguistic Program theory says that if you laugh spontaneously on a joke or you do laughter in the form of an exercise, the same set of physiological changes occur in your body. There are many studies that positive chemicals are generated in our body even by an act of laugh, on the other hand many a times people fall sick after acting sadness.

We believe in the theory “Fake it fake it till make it”. Laugh & laugh again until it converts in a real natural laugh & this is so easy.


One can cry alone. But one can not laugh alone? If somebody wants to laugh, definitely he wants to share his good feeling with others. Hence he need a like minded people, those would like to live happily with laugh and joy. So laugh creates community. Laughter is contagious. Motions create emotions and emotions create motion. Hasyayoga benefits are to control stress,


Laughter reduces at least three negative hormones of the mind are Epinephrine, Cortisole & Dopac that increase stress/tension. Laughter generates immunoglobin ‘A’ & ‘B’, which work like respiratory tracks & are antibodies. We do not claim that a disease can be cured by laughter but we can definitely say that laughter reduces mind stress, strengthens nerve system, increases oxygen, purifies & smooth blood flow, increases body resistance, and brightens face & its beauty. No doubt, all these make our body strong & beautiful and increase resistance to fight germs. We can simply discern persons under stress and a laughing person. Stress, tension, boredom, tidiness, sadness automatically fadeout of the life of a Laughterian. Laughter is a painkiller.

People get relief in many diseases like High/Low Blood pressure, Heart disease, Diabetes, depression, allergy, Anxiety, Backache and neckache, Frequent headaches, Breathlessness, Altered sleep patterns, Frequent mood swings, Feeling of isolation/Loneliness, Irritability & aggression, Suicidal tendency, Cancer, Paralysis, Dental pain, Lack of self-worth etc.

Researchers of University College of London find that Laughter reduces cortizole level of stress Hormone, Laughter keeps heart rate stable. Laughter makes our heart healthy & keeps blood circulation smooth & fastens. It also reduces diabetic effects in our body. (NBT- 20-04-05). ‘Diabetic Care’ medical magazine of Japan wrote findings of a study on laughter that it is not only good for health but it works effectively in curing many diseases, like diabetes. A senior Doctor of Max Hospital Dr. Samir Parikh says, “Laughter keeps away stress, depression & diseases, like blood pressure fluctuations, it generates positive approach in humans.” Health specialist Dr. R N Kalra says, “Laughter is a muscles exercise that increases blood circulation & keeps heart rate stable.”

Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Ten of Loma Linda University find in their research that laughter is directly linked to the brain which is definitely affected positively by Laughter Therapy. Dr.John M Driscoll from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City believes that there will be shorter hospital stays due to the new humor programs that have been started. Dr. H K Chopra cardiologist Moolchand Hospital believes that, “If you are happy, you are healthy. Laughter helps us in curing many diseases and enhances a healthy heart.”


The concept of Hasyayoga developed by Dr. Madan Kataria on 13th march, 1995 by establishing 1st Laughter Club in Mumbai. Which has been enrich by laughter Master Jiten Kohi by introducing many new Hasyayoga exercises, initiating a laughter movement for every section of society. Today Laughter Club is having more than 3000 branches all over the world. Laughter Club organizes daily morning laughter sessions in different parks and public places. It is basically a group of health conscious people who love to live happily & full heatedly. In these classes we have some light exercises for body & mind in a laughing way. Apart from the exercises for different parts of the body we simultaneously get the benefits of laughter as well. Secondly when you exercise in a laughing way the exercises get easy for people of all ages. People from all age groups (8 yrs to 80 yrs) children, youngsters, seniors, ladies etc participate in these morning session’s.

There is no formal fee to join public laughter classes. Various Laughing exercises such as Deep Breathing Laugh, Boat Roaring Laugh for neck & shoulder, Silent Laugh, Monkey Laugh, Holi Laugh, Belly Laugh, Chinese & Indian Laugh, Lion Laugh, Appreciation Laugh, Chilly Soup Laugh, Meter Laugh, Free Dance & Laugh, Cell Phone Laugh, Lala Laugh, Patiala Laugh, Balloon Laugh, Milk Shake Laugh, Ghost Laugh, Double Shake Hand Laugh, Namaste Laugh, Argument Laughter, Forgiveness Laugh, Gradient Laugh, Swimming Laugh etc. are done with the help of experienced Laughterian.

These exercises include Yoga, Aerobics, and Meditation etc. Hence after participating in a laughter session you need not go for any further exercises.


So, what do you think? Would you like to spend lots of money on depression and other diseases? Go to costly Gyms Or other Health Clubs? Or join this invaluable therapy, based on Hasyayoga. Come once at least. You will not only find health exercises but a healthy social atmosphere too. A family of Laughterian is always with you.

By Hasyayoga guru JITEN 'KOHI'



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