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Hasyaasana (Hasyayoga exercises) Sopan-3
This is not just an exercise but is to put mind, body and soul together in a distinct direction and generate the inner spirit of laugh. Many people says they get relief through Hasyayoga in many diseases like depression, Blood pressure, Asthma, Allergy, Cervical, , Backache & neckache, joint pains, indigestion, obesity, Heart diseases, Diabetes, Sleep disorder, frequent Headache, Anxiety, Parkinson, breathlessness, Altered sleep patterns, frequent mood swings, feeling of isolation/loneliness, Irritability & aggression, Suicidal tendency, Dental pain, Throat problems, Eyes, Paralysis etc. For normal good health, generate positive energy & creativity and to reduce stress the Hasyayoga is the best. Even it helpful in disease likes cancer. In different situation different Hasyayoga exercises will give more relief. Here we divide Hasyaasana in thee parts:-

( 1 ) Sharir pradhan Kiryas (Body based exercises)
This is like internal jogging with inner laugh. In these exercises various parts of body & systems moves & vibrates through exercises with inner laugh.
Namste Hasya                                                    Sitting/Standing both way
Shabashi Hasya                                                  In vajrasana
Teerkaman Hasya                                               In Sukhasana
Tantrik Hasya                                                      In Sukhasana
Karnapriya Hasya                                                In Sukhasana
Bhootbhagao Hasya                                           Sitting/Standing both way
Chakki Hasya                                                      Sitting/Standing both way
Tractor Hasya                                                      Sitting/Standing both way
Break Hasya                                                         In Sukhasana
Shitanubhawa Hasya                                          Sitting/Standing both way
Gubaara Hasya                                                    Sitting/Standing both way
Manibandh Hasya                                                Sitting/Standing both way
Meter Hasya                                                         Sitting/Standing both way
Tabla Hasya                                                         In Standing
Russiannirtya Hasya                                           In Standing & dancing
Belly Hasya                                                          In Standing 
Naav Hasya                                                          In Standing
Angdai Hasya                                                      In Standing
Guru Hasya                                                         In Standing
Lassi Hasya                                                           In Standing
Mitrata Hasya                                                          In Standing
Chinese Hasya                                                        In Standing
Patiala Hasya                                                        In Standing
Aasmani Hasya                                                        In Standing
Mirchi Hasya                                                       In Standing
Keasri Hasya (Singh Hasya) Fist Level               Normal Sitting
                                              Second Level            In Vajrasana
                                            Third Level              In Padmasana
Baalmachlan Hasya                                      lying on earth
Dolan Hasya                                                 In Sukhasana
Ho-Ho-Ha-Ha-Ha                                          Sitting/Standing both way
Titli Hasya                       Fist for obesity         Normal Sitting
                                                Second for cirvical    Put hands on wrest
Tali Hasya                                                    In Padmasana
Panchhi Hasya                          Stage –I        Sitting & hands straight
                                                Stage – II      Sitting hands up in the air
                                                Stage – III     Sitting hands opposite sides of shoulders
                                                Stage – IV     Sitting hands upwards down below head
                                                Stage – V      Sitting hands backside over the head
Haisha Hasya                                               Standing

( 2 ) Pran pradhan Kiryas (Breathing based exercises)
These are based on breathing speed, purification and pranayama.
Tasminsati shwasprashwasyogitivichhedav: pranayama (Yog Darshan)
PranayamaExpansion of the vital energy through the regulation of the breath.
Shvasa-prashvasa Uneven respiration or unsteadiness.

Hasyakapalbhati                                           In vajrasana
Madhur Hasyakapalbhati                               In vajrasana
Shudheekaran Hasyakirya         Stage –I        In vajrasana hands straight
                                                Stage – II      In vajrasana hands up in the air
Maun Hasya                                                 In Sukhasana or Padmasana
Kapol Hasya                                                 In Sukhasana or Padmasana
Plavani Hasya                                               In Sukhasana or Padmasana
Bhranmar Hasya                                          In Sukhasana or Padmasana
Deepbreath Hasya                                        Standing
Ujjai Hasya                                                  In Sukhasana or Padmasana

( 3 ) Bhava pradhan Kiryas (Emotions based exercises)
Some exercises won’t create much movement in body but concentrate to make our feeling positive & energetic. During these exercises inner laugh creates so naturally and simply with the help of some imaginations & develop cheerfulness. 
Neuro Linguistic Program theory (NLP theory) says that our body generates the hormones according to our mood & feelings.

Pulkit Hasya                                                 Sitting/Standing both way
Shikayat Hasya                                            Sitting/Standing both way
Prashansha Hasya                                        Sitting/Standing both way
Holi Hasya                                                     Standing
Darpan Hasya                                              Standing
Swagat Hasya                                              Standing
Haalchaal hasya                                           In sitting
Hasya Chanhuaur                                         Sitting /Standing both.


Celebration exercises to generate feeling of brotherhood, laugh & love and for self actualization.

  1. Hasyanirtyotswa Free dance & laugh together with inner music.
  2. Swarotsawa       Come in side the circle with chanting a-e-u & laugh together.
  3. Kamlotsawa    Make two circles. Join hands. Laugh & hands up in the air two circles people one by one, like lotus flower.
  4. Pushpotsawa           Rain of flowers, free dance & laugh all together forget everything.
  5. Deepotsawa             Lighten Deepak with pure cow ghee one by another, off the lights and sing a song “jyot se jyot jagate chalo…..” etc.

Freedom for all materialistic & non-materialistic relations

  1. Vihangam Hasyadhyan A special meditation technique in Hasyayoga at three sopan first degree, middle degree, upper degree.
  2. Hasyamritpandhyan A unique meditation kriya of Hasyayoga which gives taste of self generated amrit (The water of life in Hindu mythology) in your body at three sopan first degree, middle degree, upper degree.

Simple exercises for converting negativity into positive energy. Take an bad painting, sculpture, photographs etc. put somewhere and ask people to find good things in that.

Swastha        meaning of swastha according to ayurveda……..
Samadosha Samagnischa Samadhatumalakriyaha I
Prassanatme indriya manah Svastha Ityabhidhiyate II
One whose physiological functions (doshas), metabolism (agni), body tissues (dhatus) and excretory functions (malas) are in a state of equilibrium. And the most important thing one who has cheerful mind, intellect and contented senses (all eleven elements i.e. five gyanendiyas, five karmendriyas and man all should be happy) is said to be established in oneself (svastha). Health or swasthya is therefore defined by Ayurveda as a state of equilibrium of body & mind.

Prasade savedukhana hanirasyoprajyate I
Prasannchetso hayasu budhhi: Paryavatishtthte II (Geeta 2.65)
i.e., a happy mind dispels all the melancholy, sadness and fears. He, who is happy, gets a stable mind united with the Supreme. This means- laugh away all your worries. ATTAINMENT OF PEACE AND HAPPINESS THROUGH SENSE CONTROL AND KNOWLEDGE
Yog:  Karmeshu koshlam (Geeta)
Excellence in work is yoga.

Hasdhatohesitum Yogayam Yuj Dathoryogyojak: |
Hasanam kantthemule tat Chitvritim Nirodhak : || (Hasyayoga Sutra 1)
Means :- Has matter means laughable and Yuj matter means join laugh with yoga. Yog means addition, to save breath through eternal laugh. In this yoga the laugh generate from the deep base of throat which purify our senses and relex our mind, body and soul.

Hasanantaram shantim praptam bhavti haskam |
Pranimatreshu matrich shhokhyam sneham dhyam thathha ||
Anindram dweshnerashyamsantoshcha durbhaga: |
Hasyayogen durach naayati hi punsthathha || (Hasyayoga Sutra 2)
Hasyayoga brings peace for sadhak and feeling of love, affection, kindness, friendship and goodness. Sleeplessness, hatred, dissatisfaction, bad luck etc. all run away forever. And never return back.

Sayyamanmukho chechch mudchittam pragyapak : I
Sahedye rasam hasyam pushpe prasfutith yatha II (Hasyayoga Sutra 3 )
Smiling face is a symbol of inside feeling of happiness. Laugh generated from deep inside is innocent & sweet like a flower.

Jeevam sharad: shatam, bhuyashcha sharad: shatat I
Live life for hundred years with good healh & cheerfull mind while practicing Hasyayoga.

Tada drishtu: swarupeawasthanam (Yog Darshan 1.02)
When This Has Been Accomplished, The Yogis Know Themselves As They Are In Reality.
Yatha deepo nivatstho nedhhtesopama smita I
Yogino yatachartsaya mujjato yogamatman: II (Geeta 6.19)
A lamp in a spot sheltered by the Spirit from the wind of desires does not flicker. This simile is used for the subdued mind of a yogi practicing meditation on the Spirit.

Yato yato nishchalti manshachatrachalyastithram I
Tatstato niyamayetadanamanyav vasham nayet II (Geeta 6.26)
Wheresoever this restless and unsteady mind wanders away, one should (witness it and) bring it under the watchful eye (supervision, control) of the Self.
Prayer for Prosperity - 1
Om Sarvesham svastir bhavatu
Sarvesham shantir bhavatu
Sarvesham purnam bhavatu
Sarvesham manglam bhavatu
Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu (Veda mantra)
Om, may auspiciousness be upon all. May all have peace.  May all find fulfillment. May good be to all. All people may have prosperous. 
Prayer for Happiness - 2
Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, Sarve santu niramayah
Sarve badrani pasyantu, Ma kas-chid dukha bhag bavet  (Veda mantra)
May all be happy. May all be free from disabilities. May all look to the good of other. May none suffer from sorrow.
Prayer for Peace - 3
“Om Dhyaoo Shanti Rantrishagawam, Shanti Prithvi, Shanti Rapa, Shanti Roshdhaya, Shanti Vanaspatya, Sahnti Vishvdeva, Shanti Brahma, Shanti Sarvagam, Shanti Shanti Rev, Shanti Sama, Shanti Redhi, Om Shanti Shanti
Shanti Om”.
Let there be Peace in high world, Peace be in mid region, Peace be on earth. May the waters flow peacefully. May the shrubs and herbs grow peacefully. May all the Divine powers bring Peace to us. Brahma the Supreme is Peace. May all be in Peace, and may that Peace come unto me.
Let there be Peace forever.

Prayer for Immortality - 4
Om asato maam sad gamaya
Tamaso maam jyotir gamaya
Mrityor-maam amritam gamaya

Lead us from untruth to truth. Lead us from darkness to light Lead us from death to immortality.
(For detail knowledge study Hasyayoga Vigyan, Hasyayoga Sanhita & Hasyayoga Parichaya of Guruji.)


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